Helping With Horsepower and Reclamation-Ranch take FIRST!

Helping With Horsepower is announced the WINNER in the horse-drawn division!
What a beautiful day for the parade, and a perfect week for the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo!Image2
The herd had a BLAST getting involved during rodeo week, and even more fun planning and decorating the wagon and motorcycle for the parade! A special thanks to our volunteers for assisting. It was truly a TEAM effort, and we couldn't do this without your support. Horses, and monkeys, and elephants, and tigers, OH MY!
REMINDER- There is less than a week left to purchase tickets to win your own WILD RIDE- winner chooses a ride in the sidecar with Laura or a ride in the wagon with Crystal and the Belgians! Purchase at The direct link is also on pinned to the top of our Facebook timeline! OR, ask Laura and Crystal. Rider families also have packets of tickets, and there are GREAT incentives for those who sell the most tickets. So, get out there and SELL, SELL, SELL. There's still time! :)
If you aren't able to sell, we fully appreciate any shares on your social media! Getting the word out is very helpful! :)Image3

faceDSC 1643e blogHow are you?  Really?  Give yourself a moment.....No one is time you to see how fast you can read....How are you?

When you cross paths with someone in the store how do you answer?  Generally an automatic response is "Good".  What is good?  And who decides?  Think about it.  When we talk about something being "good" it is more of a feeling.  A feeling of being "acceptable".  But if we are being "good" and "acceptable"  aren't we diminishing our true selves and capacity by living within boundaries of what is acceptable?  What if you were to change your automatic response to a conscious feeling of "Exceptional!"?

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